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Language support at preschool and at school

Pupils whose native language is not Swedish are offered language support, home language instruction and study guidance.

Children aged between 1-5 who start preschool can receive language support during the initial period. The aim is to make it easier for children, parents and staff, so that starting preschool will go as well as possible.

Preschool classes
Newly arrived children who start preschool class are offered language support in their native language. The aim is to support the child and to create an understanding of the Swedish school system. Students who have not recently arrived, but whose native language is not Swedish, are offered native language support in order to facilitate linguistic development and learning.

Compulsory school
Newly arrived pupils are offered study guidance in their native language. The aim is to ensure that the pupils have a better chance of meeting the requirements of the various different subjects.

Home language instruction is offered if: one or both of the pupil's legal guardians have a native language other than Swedish, this language is spoken on a daily basis in the home and the pupil has basic knowledge of this language.  Furthermore, there must be at least five children enrolled on the course and a suitable language teacher to teach it.

Home language instruction in the official minority languages of Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romany and Sami must be offered even if the language is not spoken on a daily basis in the pupil's home. This applies even if there are less than five pupils enrolled on the course.

Upper secondary school
Newly arrived pupils who start studying at the municipal upper secondary schools are enrolled into special introductory classes. Study guidance in the pupils' native language is offered at upper secondary school, as is home language instruction.

If you would like to know more about language support at school, please contact Karin Andersson at the multilingual centre: +46(0)73-274 56 01 or send an e-mail to

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