Coronaviruset och covid-19: Nya skärpta nationella föreskrifter för att bryta den ökade smittspridningen Läs mer om covid-19 och coronaviruset och hur Örnsköldsviks kommun hanterar coronapandemin.


National minorities

Sweden has five recognised national minorities. These are the Sami, Roma, Tornedalers, Jews and Swedish Finns. Sweden has also adopted a law to strengthen the minority groups' opportunities and rights to gain influence and to promote the use of the minority languages Sami, Meänkieli, Finnish, Yiddish, and Romany. If you belong to a national minority group, you are entitled to learn, develop and use your minority language.

Your rights are especially strong if you speak Finnish, Meänkieli or Sami. You should be able to contact the authorities in order to receive elderly care in Finnish, Meänkieli or Sami, if there are staff with a command of that language.

If you live in a municipality that has an administrative area for the Finnish, Meänkieli or Sami languages, you must be able to communicate with the Municipality in your language and to receive an answer, both spoken and in writing, in that same language. You can also require that child or elderly care is provided partially or entirely in Finnish, Meänkieli or Sami.

Örnsköldsvik Municipality became a Finnish administrative area in 2018 and has also applied to be a Sami administrative area.

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