Insight and influence

Residents have the right to access municipal information. You are allowed to look at documents and make suggestions to the Municipality's politicians.

Listen to the Municipal Council's meetings
The Municipal Council's meetings are open to the public. You can attend the meeting in the Council House on Nygatan 16 or watch a live broadcast via the Municipality's website. The Municipal Council meets on the last Monday of the month at 13.00.

Prior to the Council's and the Committees' meetings, the agendas are published on the Municipality's website. Certain documents may be exempted from publication, for instance if the decision concerns a certain individual, or if it inappropriate to make the information public. In these cases, the information is protected by confidentiality laws.

The records from the Municipal Council, the Municipal Executive Committee and the other municipal committees are public. The records are available on the Municipality's website and can be ordered from the committees' secretaries.

Making a proposal

Persons registered as living in Örnsköldsvik can send a proposal, a "citizen's proposal", to the Municipal Council if there is something they want the Council to decide upon.

Contacting the elected representatives
You can contact the politicians by telephoning, visiting, or e-mailing them. The Municipal contact centre: +46 (0)660-880 00, can help you reach who you are looking for. The politicians' and civil servants' e-mail follows the principle:

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