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The Municipality and politics

Örnsköldsvik is one of Sweden's 290 municipalities. Elected politicians decide on the Municipality's activities and the services that it offers its residents, such as education, care for the elderly and the disabled, social support, the emergency services, leisure activities, the road infrastructure, water and sanitation.

General elections
General elections are held every fourth year and the residents of Örnsköldsvik then decide which politicians are to sit in the Municipal Council.  Everyone aged 18 or older who is registered as living in the municipality has the right to vote in the municipal election.

The Municipal Council
The Municipal Council is the municipality's highest decision-making body. It decides on taxes, overall objectives and the budget for the municipality's activities; it also appoints the municipal executive committee and other municipal committees.

Municipal Executive Committee
The Municipal Executive Committee leads, coordinates, and follows up the Municipality's activities. It is also politically responsible for the Municipality's development and economy. The Municipal Executive Committee makes proposals which the Municipal Council has to decide on. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring that the decisions are implemented.

The Municipality's committees are politically responsible for activities targeted towards the municipality's residents. Each committee has an administration with civil servants who make sure that the committee's decisions are implemented.

The Education Committee is in charge of preschools, after-school recreation centres, music and arts schools, technical schools, compulsory education, upper-secondary education, adult education and Swedish for immigrants.

The Urban Planning Committee is in charge of cultural events, leisure activities, construction, the environment, health, traffic, roads, parks and the emergency services.

The Care Committee and the Humanist Committee are jointly responsible for providing needs-based support, health and social care. This might include homes for the elderly, support for persons with functional impairments, support for persons who have mental health problems, protection for vulnerable children, temporary financial support, help for those with an addiction, etc.

Municipal companies
In Örnsköldsvik, there are municipal companies in charge of water, sewage, waste and recycling (Miva), housing (Övikshem), energy (Övik energi), the airport (Övik Airport) and the port's services and operations (Örnsköldsviks hamn och logistik).

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