Ida LeRuyet is HR Manager at Clavister, an international company based in Örnsköldsvik.

Diversity enriches and elevates Clavister

Clavister is a cyber security company based in Örnsköldsvik. The company has been recruiting internationally ever since its startup phase. Today, Clavister has over 100 employees from 20 different nationalities.

- ”Together we're different" is our core value and we believe that all diversity is positive, says Ida LeRuyet, HR Manager at Clavister.


Since the early days of the company, Clavister's recruiting strategy has created ripples on the water, taking advantage of a huge network of people who recommend others. Open positions in the company spread quickly online and 80–90% of applicants are not Swedish citizens.

– It’s a big advantage that our corporate language is English. There is no requirement to know Swedish to get a job. Our recruitment ads are also always published in English and right from the start we are very open to applications from all over the world, says LeRuyet and continues:

– We are a certified employer with the Swedish Migration Agency, which facilitates and speeds up the process significantly if we decide to hire someone from abroad. The structure works very well.

One of Clavister’s difficulties is retaining employees who move to Örnsköldsvik on their own. For some, it is a challenge to build a social network in a new place, especially when you come from a different culture. In addition to the support and network of colleagues, the High Coast International Hub addresses this problem. The hub is there to connect internationals and help them meet new Swedish friends.

– We want all our employees to enjoy life outside of work, and even though colleagues help in welcoming newcomers to Clavister we are extremely happy about the High Coast International Hub. It will help Örnsköldsvik and the High Coast to become even more international.

Diversity of gender, age or origin – Clavister considers all diversity to be of great importance for a fun and creative environment. According to research, diverse organizations are more prone to change –and Clavister is indeed part of an industry in constant change.

– The more perspectives we get internally, the greater chance we have of coming up with innovative solutions. It is one of our greatest strengths. In addition, it's fantastic that we have our head office in the middle of beautiful Örnsköldsvik with colleagues from many, many places from all over the world. Together, we create a great working environment where everyone enjoys collaborating with people who aren’t exactly like you.


Text: Frank Eriksson
Photo: Ludwig Grundström