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Avsnitt: Örnsköldsvik, The people, The town, The countryside, Life in the archipelago, Associations och Life outdoors.


The power of nature: The undulating and beautiful landscape of the High Coast goes well with both active and calmer lifestyles. There is ample space for recreation and enjoyment.

Close: No traffic jams, close to schools and recreation, Umeå’s labour market and choices, as well as the other areas of the High Coast. Örnsköldsvik reaches 300,000 people within a 150 km radius.

56 139 residents live in Örnsköldsvik of whom one-third live in the countryside (SCB 2017).

The people

Surrounded by an array of nature, the people’s passion makes sure that things – both large and small – happen in trade and industry, associations, cultural life and more. Creative forces that mean Örnsköldsvik develops alongside the conditions for a good and active life.

High quality of life: In Örnsköldsvik, you can have a career and still live a good and active life, as there is time and space for hobbies, entertainment and family.

Climate smart: With the future in focus, climate smart production of goods and services is under development, as well as the manufacture of energy efficient products from renewable raw materials.

Entrepreneurial: There is a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, which has led to our strong trade and industry with large international industrial companies, plus medium-sized and small businesses in the service, technology and trade sectors etc.

Driven: The creative force of the residents makes sure that things develop on large and smaller scales – in trade and industry, culture, sporting and outdoor life and more. Efforts are made in both the lively town and the vibrant countryside.

Willing to cooperate: There is an extensive tradition of cooperation between companies, municipality and residents. Together we are – and have been – our own recipe for success.

Safety: Statistically, Örnsköldsvik is one of Sweden’s safest municipalities when it comes to violent crimes, thefts and robbery. Source: 26th place in the SALAR safety assessment 2016.

The town

The town is close to the sea and is surrounded by the undulating landscape of the High Coast. It offers lifestyle opportunities beyond the norm.

Meeting place: An array of places are available where you can meet friends, whatever the hour. Clubs, cosy cafes and restaurants. And there are more on the way.

Proximity to Umeå: The big city of Umeå is only 50 minutes away. The Bothnia Line has created a joint labour market and provided access to an even larger selection of entertainment and experiences.

Accommodation: The town is growing in pace with more housing being built in and around the city centre. Many in very attractive locations.

Well-being: There are many parks, walking routes and pleasant recreational areas, plus an extended guest harbour frequented by both residents and visitors alike.

The Centre in Collaboration, Örnsköldsvik – Cesam – is a cooperation between the town’s business leaders, property owners and the municipality to make the town centre more attractive.

Shopping: In the vibrant town centre, small boutiques are complemented by large shopping centres, and the number of homely cafes and restaurant is increasing.

Activities: The town has activity centres, a top-class water park, museums and visitor attractions. In addition, annual festivals and events are arranged.

The Arena: The Fjällräven Centre hosts large concerts and both national and international sporting events. It is also home to Modo Hockey.

The countryside

Where you can live the country life with freedom and closeness to fantastic nature, where dedicated residents create a sense of community and activities.

Entrepreneurship: Motivation here is high, and has led to the establishment of small, medium-sized and large international businesses. Together with enthusiastic residents, this contributes to the living countryside.

Broadband: Dig. 2020 is Västernorrland’s effort to meet Government broadband targets for 90 per cent of all households and business in Sweden to have access to broadband with a minimum speed of 100 Mbit/s by 2020.

Service Points: Service points are located around the countryside, where residents can meet over a cup of coffee, carry out tasks online, obtain information brochures and much more.

Bygdsam is a collaboration platform where businesses, non-profit organisations and municipalities can work together for a living and attractive countryside.

Experiences: It’s not just nature that’s around the corner, there’s also cultural activities, visitor sites, sports fields, meeting places, community centres and delightful rural cafes.

Life in the Countryside: The conditions are perfect for living the countryside life with freedom and closeness to nature, accented by the drive and creativity of residents who create the conditions for a sense of community and activities.

>20,000 of the 55,964 Örnsköldsvik residents live in the countryside (Statistics Sweden 2016).

Life in the archipelago

In the archipelago you are met by islands with bare cliffs, in addition to forest covered islands and white sandy beaches, and archipelago gems such as Ulvön and Trysunda.

Ulvön and Trysunda are two gems amongst our islands , with guest harbours, overnight accommodation, different walking routes and sights worth seeing. Regular crossings to Ulvön and Trysunda are available during the summer.

Sandy beaches: The Gullvik, Nyänget and Salusand sandy beaches are perfect for swimming, and just some of the places our residents flock during the summer.

The sea: The deep waters of the archipelago are every sailor’s dream. You don’t have to sail between sunken rocks and ground, and on many islands it is possible to moor your boat directly to a cliff.

Ulvö Hotel: The Ulvö Hotel is a top Swedish hotel that attracts visitors from around the world in both summer and winter.

Accessibility: You can moor to a cliff you can have all to yourself, or at one of the many landing sites accessible by jetties where you can find picnic tables, barbecue sites and in some places, saunas are available.

A world class archipelago: Around SEK 64m has been invested in making the archipelago accessible, and on marketing to increase archipelago tourism along the High Coast region.


Örnsköldsvik has an extensive range of associations. The momentum from the 600 associations creates the conditions for social presence and an active recreational life.

600 associations: The momentum from the 600 associations spread throughout the municipality create the individual conditions for creativity, social inclusion and active recreation. Several meeting places are available.

Outdoor Recreation: Nature around the High Coast creates fantastic opportunities for life outdoors. Non-profit organisations work together with the municipality to make nature accessible for the active, but also for people who just want to relax and enjoy.

Culture: Örnsköldsvik has a great interest in culture, and has a number of cultural societies and clubs. Örnsköldsvik organises several different cultural activities each year. Societies work together with the municipality to develop and promote culture. Amongst other things, the possibilities for a future cultural centre are being explored. Örnsköldsvik has many people interested in singing in choirs.

Sports: Örnsköldsvik has a strong sporting tradition in both winter and summer sports. We have the scope. The enthusiasm amongst the associations guarantees there is room for both elite and recreational athletes.

Different sports: Örnsköldsvik has the right conditions for winter sports such as cross-country and down-hill skiing, with a number of skiing trails and two large slaloms. Other examples of popular sports include ice hockey, ski jumping, curling, figure skating and long-distance skiing. Örnsköldsvik has several football clubs. But there are also many other sports such as cycling, athletics, golf and equestrian sports. Examples of our established indoor sports include floorball, badminton and tennis. Many of the major gym chains have facilities in Örnsköldsvik, which are complemented with smaller actors.

Motoring: Örnsköldsvik has a large interest in motoring and experiencing nature at close hand. The town is home to Sweden’s largest scooter club, but sports such as Enduro and ice racing are well-established here.

Modo Ice hockey: The Fjällräven Arena is home to Modo Hockey. Home matches are a popular festival that brings together the residents of Örnsköldsvik, young and old and Modo Hockey is a large contributor to sports associations for children and young people.

Life outdoors

There are a wealth of possibilities for an active outdoor life in both summer and winter. Fantastic nature made accessible by the municipality and non-profit organisations.

Sweden’s outdoor municipality: A successful collaboration between the municipality and associations has seen us named as Sweden’s outdoor municipality in 2011, 2015 and 2016.

Assets: Örnsköldsvik offers fantastic conditions for those interested in the outdoors, with 59 outdoor recreation areas and 57 fishing areas.

The High Coast: The cultural and natural landscape, and committed entrepreneurs have created excellent conditions for a variety of outdoor activities around the year, throughout our municipality. Interest in the High Coast has increased considerably over recent years, and now it is one of the top places to visit in Sweden.

Trails: 9 hiking trails, 7 canoe courses and 1,500 km of snowmobile trails let you experience nature close up.

Urban: Hälsans stig, Hornsjön nature reserve, Själevads outdoor centre and Skyttis sports and recreation area offer the right conditions for exercise and enjoyment.

Experiences: The Skuleskogen National Park, the High Coast Trail, the Skallberg Caves and the archipelago islands of Trysunda and Ulvön are examples of experiences that attract both residents and visitors.

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