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Health and medical care

Three hospitals

Proximity to qualified medical care is important for peace of mind. There are three hospitals in the region: Örnsköldsvik hospital, Norrland university hospital in Umeå and Sollefteå hospital.

The County Council and the Municipality are jointly responsible for health and medical care. The County Council handles medical interventions, medical care and treatments carried out at hospitals health centres, municipal nursing and care homes and, in some cases, at the patient's home. The Municipality is in charge of the health and medical care provided by nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists at nursing and care homes, at day centres, and in the patient's home.

The Örnsköldsvik hospital

Örnsköldsvik has a modern hospital providing high-quality care and a broad range of services. Specialisms include medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, geriatrics, radiology, ophthalmology, otology, paediatrics, women’s clinic with maternity unit, habilitation and psychiatry.

Emergency medical care

If you become severely or acutely ill, or suffer an accident, you can call the emergency number 112 to get immediate assistance.

Local health centres

There are health centres in all the major urban areas: Bredbyn, Bjästa, Örnsköldsvik centre (the County Council’s Ankaret facility and the private HumanResurs), Domsjö, Husum-Trehörningsjö and Själevad. These provide access to doctors, district nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers, among others. There is also extensive maternity care and child healthcare, as well as public dental care.

Health centres can be found at the following locations:
Bjästa, 0660-899 53
Bredbyn, 0661-65 41 01
Domsjö-Sund, 0660-29 26 20
Husum-Trehörningsjö, 0663-199 20
Själevad, 0660-575 60
Örnsköldsviks centre, Ankaret Health Centre, 0660-29 27 10
Örnsköldsviks centre, "HumanResurs" Health Centre, 0660-559 00.
HumanResurs is a privately owned health centre. The other health centres are run by the County Council.

The Health Advice and Information Centre

You can contact the Health Advice and Information Centre by calling 1177 for health and medical advice around the clock.

You can also visit the County Council website ande information centrés online care guide: 1177.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Care and help

The Municipality offers help and support for citizens who, for different reasons, need social help for a shorter or longer period of time. Some measures are regulated by the Swedish Social Service Act and the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS). Other measures that the Municipality provides have been decided on by municipal politicians.

Elderly care
Elderly persons who need support in their everyday lives get help from the Municipality. This support is regulated by law and the Municipality assesses each person's needs. Home help service staff assist in matters such as nursing, medication, personal hygiene, washing and basic cleaning. Persons who have trouble cooking can have meals delivered to their home. Elderly persons who live alone can be provided with a safety alarm so that they can call for help.

Persons who need a great deal of care and supervision can be offered a place at a nursing and care home where staff are available around the clock. These residences have private rooms but there are also shared communal spaces.

Those receiving help from the Municipality pay for the health and social care they receive. The fee is dependent on the help the person receives and their financial means.

There are also simpler services that are free of charge. Meeting points are places where elderly persons can go to spend time together and to participate in different activities.

Contact: If you wish to apply for help, please contact the care unit: 0660-26 51 82

Support for people with functional impairments
Persons who have functional impairments shall be helped to participate in society on equal terms. Support is based on the individual and the Municipality assesses each person's needs.

Those requiring a great deal of assistance so that they can cope with their everyday life might be provided with a personal assistant who helps with hygiene, dressing, meals and other things that the person cannot handle on their own.

Disabled persons who have extensive care and support needs can be offered a place at a home providing special support. This may be a group home or a regular apartment. At the group homes, everyone has their own apartment but staff are there around the clock. For persons who can live more independently, serviced flats are available. Serviced flats are self-contained apartments where residents receive personal support, based on their needs.

The Municipality can provide an allowance so that persons with disabilities can adapt their residences according to their needs, for instance by installing a ramp for a wheelchair, or by widening the door frames.

Persons who need hearing aids, walking frames or other supportive aids to compensate for their functional impairment should contact their local health centre.

If you wish to apply for help, please contact the care unit: 0660-26 51 82

Support for relatives
Following a needs assessment, support can be provided for persons who are caring for relatives, to enable them to get some rest. This may involve offering relief in the home, or allowing the person being cared for to go to a short-term accommodation centre where trained staff will take care of them during their stay.

The municipal advisors for relatives organise conversation groups and lectures, and provide support for relatives.

Contact: If you would like to know more about support for relatives, please contact the advisor for relatives: 0660-883 14.
If you want to apply for relief for relative carers, please contact the care unit: 0660-26 51 82

Support for families and individuals
The Municipality offers support for families and individuals who, for different reasons, need social help for a period of time. This may be due to unemployment, financial problems, psychological issues, or as a result of an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The Municipality is responsible for protecting children who are at risk. Anyone who suspects that a child is being subjected to violence or other maltreatment should report this to the Municipality. School employees and other groups of professionals are obligated by law to report any suspicion they have regarding the maltreatment of a child. The Municipality will then decide whether the child is in need of immediate protection, or whether an investigation should be initiated.

When adults are subjected to violence by their partners, the Municipality can provide support for the victim. The aggressor may also be given help to handle their aggressive behaviour.

Couples, families and individuals who are suffering problems in their relationships, and who want to make a change, can talk to the family counselling service. No records of the conversations are kept, and whatever you say is confidential. If necessary, an interpreter can be hired.

Staff from the municipal field group are available in environments where the youth spend time, in order to create a safe environment and to work to prevent crimes and drug use.

Contact:If you wish to seek help for yourself or for problems in your family, please contact the consultation group: 0660-888 07.
You can reach the family counsellors on:0660-886 87 or 0660-886 89.

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