Preschool is an educational group activity aimed at children aged from one year old until starting school. It is based on a curriculum. The preschool is open all year. During the summer vacation, just one preschool in the area is open. The daily hours are tailored to meet parents´ hours of work/study and the children´s needs.

The fee for the preschool is based on the parents´ income, if registered at the same address as the child. If the adults do not have a taxable income, preschool is free.

All 3, 4 and 5 year olds are offered free pre-school education for 15 hours a week or 525 hours per year from the autumn of the year they turn 3 years old.

During the day at preschool, breakfast, lunch and a snack are served. For those children who do not eat certain foods for whatever reason, there are alternatives available. Meals at preschool are free.
The children are insured while they are at preschool and on their way to and from preschool.

Information about preschool in Örnsköldsvik ( written in Swedish)öppnas i nytt fönster

For more information about the Swedish school system: http://www.skolverket.selänk till annan webbplats


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